SideBar Features

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There are 3 section to the side bar, Top, Ad Block and Bottom.  The Top and Bottom are separate Widget areas so you can add what you what in each.  The Top  area has 2 custom spots: Twitter posts and Social links. Both are controlled in the Admin.

The ads are is also configured in the theme’s option page and handles 6 ad spots with 2 recommended sizes. Turn them all Off and on or just use a few… your choice.

The bottom is also a widget area. It also has one custom thumbnail widget. You can create a category and put some posts in it , then use the theme option page to add that categories latest thumbnails in the sidebar. You could also just select any categories ID to display here.

Note: This demo looks a little heavy in the sidebar because I am trying to show what it can do. But the idea is that it is flexible to display what you need.

SideBar Features
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