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Handling Images

Exponential WordPress theme takes advantage of WP 2.9 Thumbnail feature to make it easy to post your content. Simply upload an image and select the “Post Thumbnail” in the admin. The image will automatically drop into all the proper places for each appropriate area including the lightbox.

In addition there are optional custom fields in the event you would like a different thumbnail or a different Feature Image than the selected “Post Thumbnail”. This added feature will override the “Post Thumbnail” for the portfolio/gallery area’s thumbnail and still pop-open the “Post Thumbnail” in the lightbox.  There is also an optional custom field that will allow you to select a different large image for the Home Page Feature Slider. This will give you the options to handle image with more flexibility.

Simply using one large image with the “Post Thumbnail” feature that WordPress offers will get things done for you. But having the ability to have more choices is just a pretty cool thing to have included… just in case.

Handling Movies

Some Movies are supported in the lightbox from the portfolio/gallery pages including:

YouTube, Vimeo and SWF’s  There is also a way to drop embedded movies into the portfolio but they are not supported in the lightbox. They will however, still work in place and in most cases expand to full screen depending on the embedded movie.

To place a movie in the gallery pages:

  1. Create a new or edit a post
  2. Add a title and content
  3. Click Set thumbnail from the right sidebar under Post Thumbnail and upload or select an image to be used as a thumbnail
  4. Add the link to the movie to display in the lighbox using the custom field “movie” for the name and the “share” link from YouTube or Vimeo for the value
  5. Additionally you can place the movie in the content area of the post by pasting the embed code from YouTube or Vimeo right in the content area in html view

For SWF’s:

If you would like to insert your own swf’s files into the lightbox simple do the same as above but in the custom field link you will just need to add a width and hieght for the link. For example select the “movie” from the custom field then enter the url in the VALUE field then just add a “?” width and a height.

Images, Movies and More
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